Allergy Test

The following additional tests are available:

Respiratory allergy:

Skin testing with inhaled allergens and nasal provocation testing controlled with inhaled allergens.

Food allergy:

Allergy tests with food extracts such as milk, egg, meats, fish, seafood, flour, nuts, vegetables, legumes, fruits, spices, etc. and using prick by prick tests for other types of food. Check for oral tolerance to foods on certain patients.

Skin allergy:

In the study of contact dermatitis a standard patch or epicutaneous testing battery is used as well as specific batteries for other exposures such as cosmetics, hairdressing, metals, latex, etc.


Assessment of potential triggers and treatment of the symptomatology with regular medication and evaluation of special treatments in case of resistance to treatment.


Medical indication and monitoring of immunotherapy in patients with respiratory allergy and follow up of patients with adverse effects.

Hymenoptera allergy:

Study of sensitization and clinical assessment. Administration of venom immunotherapy.