Egg Allergy

Patients allergic to egg must avoid eating raw or cooked egg in any form.

Foods that may include egg protein:

• Sweets, meringues, ice cream, smoothies, nougat, puddings, creams, candies, candy, …

• Pastries and cakes: sponges, cupcakes, biscuits (cookies), cakes, …

• Pastries, pies, pasties, …

• Sauces (mayonnaise), gelatin.

• Some breakfast cereals.

• Egg pasta, battered or breaded foods, …

• Cold meats, sausages, pates.

• You can find eggs or egg proteins in bakery products, pastries, dumplings with glaze, breadcrumbs, pastas, meats, pates, sausages, egg substitutes, ice cream, candy, cheese, gelatin, broth, soups, some margarines, sauces (mayonnaise, …).

• Also avoid eggs from other birds: turkey, duck, gull, quail …

• Small amounts of egg can contaminate cookware and oil previously used in cooking eggs should not be used for patients.

Patients must avoid foods that contain any of the following ingredients:

• Albumin

• Egg whites

• Egg yolk

• Dried egg

• Egg powder

• Egg solids

• Egg substitutes

• Eggnog

• Globulin

• Livetin

• Lysozyme

• Mayonnaise

• Meringue

• Ovalbumin

• Ovomucin

• Ovomucoid

• Ovovitellin

• Pasteurized egg