Milk Allergy

Milk allergy is the most common allergy among children. Children with a milk allergy must avoid milk in all forms. This includes all milk and dairy products, including “lactose free” versions of milk products. Children with milk allergy also must avoid anything containing traces of milk ingredients in it.


· Cow, goat, sheep or any other animal milk.

· Milk formulas, condensed milk, powdered milk or evaporated milk.

· All dairy products: cream, yogurt, cheeses, cottage cheese, sour cream, butter, curds, custard, ice cream or margarines that are not exclusively vegetable.

· Cakes and pastries: cookies, muffins, bread, baguettes, some sweets, pumpkin fritters, milk and powered chocolate, caramel-coated almonds, nougat, pralines, cocoa creams, some cereals like Kellogg’s, …

· In many kinds of bread, milk is added to the yeast (brown bread, Graham bread and bagels).

· Milk can be found added to meatballs, breaded meat, vegetables, …

· Some drinks: smoothies, juices, milk, horchata (tigernut drink), sorbets.

· Many meats: ham, sausage, chorizo, salami

· Stock cubes, packet soups, bean stews, stews and other preserves, dehydrated soups, sauces, puddings, croquettes.


The following ingredients found on a label indicate the presence of milk protein. All labels should be read carefully before consuming a product, even if it has been used safely in the past.

Milk — acidophilus milk, buttermilk, buttermilk blend, buttermilk solids, cultured milk, condensed milk, dried milk, dry milk solids (DMS), evaporated milk, fat‐free milk, fully cream milk powder, goat’s milk, Lactaid® milk, lactose free milk, low fat milk, malted milk, milk derivative, milk powder, milk protein, milk solids, milk solid pastes, nonfat dry milk, nonfat milk, nonfat milk solids, pasteurized milk, powdered milk, sheep’s milk, skim milk, skim milk powder, sour milk, sour milk solids, sweet cream buttermilk powder, sweetened condensed milk, sweetened condensed skim milk,whole milk, 1% milk, 2% milk
Butter — artificial butter, artificial butter flavor, butter, butter extract, butter fat, butter flavored oil, butter solids, dairy butter, natural butter, natural butter flavor, whipped butter
Casein & caseinates — ammonium caseinate, calcium caseinate, hydrolyzed casein, iron caseinate magnesium caseinate, potassium caseinate, sodium caseinate, zinc caseinate
Cheese — cheese (all types), cheese flavor (artificial and natural), cheese food, cottage cheese, cream cheese, imitation cheese, vegetarian cheeses with casein
Cream , whipped cream
Dairy product solids
— casein hydrolysate, milk protein hydrolysate, protein hydrolysate, whey hydrolysate, whey protein hydrolysate Ice cream, ice milk, sherbet
Lactalbumin, lactalbumin phosphate
Lactate solids
Lactyc yeast
Lactitol monohydrate
Milk fat, anhydrous milk fat
Nisin preparation
Rennet, rennet casein
Simplesse® (fat replacer)
Sour cream, sour cream
solids, imitation sour cream
Whey — acid whey, cured whey, delactosed whey, demineralized whey, hydrolyzed whey, powdered whey, reduced mineral whey, sweet dairy whey, whey, whey protein, whey protein concentrate, whey powder, whey solids
Yogurt (regular or frozen), yogurt powder


Natural flavoring
Caramel flavoring
High protein flour
Lactic acid (usually not a problem)
Lactic acid starter culture
“Non-dairy” products (may contain casein)
Rice cheese
Soy cheese